Four Color Pail Printer

Four Color Pail Printing Machine

This pail printer can printing about 800 impression per hour with a suitability to print from 1 litre pail to 20 litres of pail.

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Four Color Dry Offset Pail Printing Machine guarantees high printing accuracy with features such as automatic loading, flame treatment, pre registration, auto unloading, etc. This Pail Printer includes centralized lubrication system, Micrometer lateral and radial plate cylinder adjustment. Complete vacuum system with pump that holds container on mandrels at neccessary position adds one of the important feature to our pail printing machine.

Min. Dia. & Height Ø 110 mm x 120 mm (H)
Max. Dia. & Height Ø 300 mm x 400 mm (H)
Electric Motor Drive Ac Gear motor 5HP, 3 Phase, 50Hzs. with inverter for fine speed control
Pneumatic Pressure @5-6 kg/cm2
Air Consumption @12 m3/hr
Total Power Consumption 12 kilowatts
Max. Impression @ 800/hr (20 Ltr Bucket)
Total Machine Weight 5000 kgs
Machine Dimension 5500 mm (L) x 3000 mm (W) x 2000 mm (H) (Including Loading & Unloading Conveyor)

Possible Application

Note: Due to continuous development & up-gradation, the specification here in are subject to change without notice.