Four/Six Color Dry Offset Cap Printing Machine

Suitable for printing on plastic or metal caps/closures from 20 mm to 60 diameter & 25 to 100 mm height.

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Specification & Features

Min. Dia. & Height Ø 20 mm X 25 mm (H)
Max. Dia. & Height Ø 60 mm X 100 mm (H)
Max Print Area 190 mm (L) X 100 mm (H)
Power Consumption 4 kw/ 3 Phase
Pneumatic Pressure @ 3-4 Kg/cm2
Air Consumption @ 6 m2/hr
Max. Impression @ 6000/hr
Max. Speed @ 12 m3/hr

Rotary Cap Printer in Working

Possible Application

Note: Due to continuous development & up-gradation, the specification here in are subject to change without notice.